Supernatural Saunter: The Spirit(s) of William Smith

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William Smith was not just the founder of William Smith College for Women, son of a prominent nursery family, and namesake of the Smith Opera House. He was also an ardent practitioner of spiritualism, opening himself up as a conduit to communicate with the deceased. The winter production will take this little-known facet of Smith’s life as a jumping off point for an original, hybrid form of immersive, mobile, podcast theatre. Imagine a graphic novel in audio form in which each audience member becomes a character in the story and their surroundings become the set for the production. As they move across space, the mystery unfolds. The podcast will be released in February, pending campus planning for spring 2021.

Since you can't come to The Smith Opera House for our History Tours, I'm bringing the history to you. See below for the first episode or watch them all here.

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