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by Chris Woodworth

Staged Reading 

May 11, 2024
Caywood Point
FREE (rain or shine) 


ABOUT THE PLAY: For decades, Geneva suffragists Elizabeth Smith Miller and Anne Fitzhugh Miller and their friends gathered across Seneca Lake at a summer camp called Fossenvue. Swimming, singing, writing, and suffrage strategizing filled their warm summer days and nights at Caywood Point. 
In the present day, Kate and Lizzie arrive at
Fossenvue in the stark cold of winter. Kate desperately wants her daughter to love the site and its history as much as she does. Lizzie has different ideas. At its core, FOSSENVUE is a play about mothers and daughters.
FEATURING: Christina Roc, Joanne Saracino, Eleanor Stearns, Chris Woodworth, and Anthony Bray

LOGISTICS: The staged reading will occur in front of the Queen’s Castle (aka Fossenuve) which is located on the shore of Seneca Lake at Caywood Point. Access to the point by trail is a 1/3 mile hike on a graveled path. Slopes exceed 20% and it is physically demanding. Please bring your own chair.

Alternative transportation (via pontoon boat) will be offered departing from Smith Memorial Park in the Town of Hector. Reservations must be made by April 26 for pontoon transport (limit of 18 people). To make a boat reservation, please contact the Hector Ranger District by calling 607-546-4470. A donation to the Burdett Fire Department is requested and appreciated.

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